Having a healthy body gets conflated too often these days with looking a certain way. My idea of a healthy body is one free from tension and pain which can move freely and function normally. Stress takes such a toll on every part of our bodies that I’ve dedicated my business to helping people free themselves from stress and fight the symptoms of stress in their bodies.

The kind of treatments and activities I offer help people to move better and free themselves from pain too so they can be more active and do themselves even more good. You don’t have to come to The Float Spa to feel better in your body though.


I love yoga. Yoga works for me. It’s not just the movements that strengthen muscles, make joints more flexible and improves blood flow that’s beneficial, it’s also the way it makes you more aware of your body and how it feels. I’ve always exercised regularly, even when I was working long hours and feeling very stressed and it helped in some ways but,

when I look back, it did seem that I was doing it somewhat mindlessly. The aches and strains in my body were a nuisance to be ignored rather than something to be mindful of. Practicing yoga helped me to reconnect with my body and to work with all the niggles in a way to actually address them rather than just ignoring them until they become a problem.


Stress does some horrible things to your body after a while. Relieving it can do wonders for all kinds of aches and pain, digestive issues, headaches, sleep problems, even serious problems like heart issues, reproductive problems and weakened immune system can be helped by combatting stress. I found that even taking five minutes each day to focus on my breathing and relax my body, away from the stimuli and worries of the outside world, helped to relieve stress and improve my physical wellbeing.

Whatever method you take to tackle stress isn’t as important as making a commitment to yourself to do something. Even if you just take five minutes a day to actively address the problems created by stress, you can feel better in your body as well as in your mind.


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