My Why

I was that classic image of a stressed out working mum. My job and my daughter took up my every waking hour with sleep lost due to stress and worry. Working long hours in a demanding job was leaving me exhausted and playing havoc with my physical and mental health. It’s a very familiar picture that a huge number of people around the country would recognise when they look in the mirror. Then my daughter became seriously ill. Everything changed.

Things you thought were vitally important become inconsequential and your whole perspective changes. To my huge relief – and gratitude to the staff at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital – my daughter recovered but the experience of seeing her through the illness left me with PTSD. This, finally, made me realise that my wellbeing was important too and without it I couldn’t be as much of a help to my daughter, and now son too, as I’d like to be.

Floatation therapy, yoga and meditation all helped me recover from PTSD but that wasn’t an easy option either. I hated my first float. Yes, Camille who owns The Float Spa, hated her first float. I just didn’t get it. I was so restless and just thought it was a massive waste of time. Thankfully, I persevered and discovered what nearly everyone who visits The Float Spa tells us: the second float is much better than the first and the third one is totally amazing. That third float was a game changer for me. It impressed me so much that I built a business around it.


Running The Float Spa has really confirmed my belief that floatation, yoga and other therapies like massage can make a huge positive difference to people’s lives. I’ve seen people suffering from all kinds of long term health problems see a huge improvement in their symptoms and lots of people who were stressed out, just like I was, find relief and discover the space in their lives to make positive changes.

Now I want to help everyone prioritise their wellbeing without something awful needing to happen to trigger them into making that change.

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